Our services include, among others:

  1. Outsourcing according to polish standard (Dz.U. z 1997 r. Nr 109, poz. 704 z późn. zm),
  2. Draw up training programs for all occupational groups,
  3. Obligatory OSH training in Polish, English, Russian
  4. Investor oversight of the projects
  5. Opinions on the Health and Safety Plan for construction (BiOZ Plan) and regulating internal construction
  6. Organization and coordination of co-operation between companies cooperating with the project
  7. Assessment of the technical condition and safety level of machines in operation in terms of their adaptability to legal requirements,
  8. Implement and evaluate the implementation of management systems
  9. HSE / OSH outsourcing
    • Adjustment of the company to the corporate requirements of your client,
    • Conducting of a kickoff meeting,
    • Preparation of daily, weekly, monthly safety meetings,
    • Performing of daily inspections, safety audits,
    • Preparation of the HSE management system (HSE plan / manual)
    • Reporting of accidents, incidents and potential accidents in accordance with your guidelines,
    • Development of a proactive OSH/HSE culture among your employees (Go Card, 10 Cardinal Rules, JSA, behavioral audit),
    • Carrying out of mock evacuations and accident drills,
    • Other services on your demand.

Additional services:

  1. service and assistance in implementation of an integrated HSE system
  2. management and representation of your company during inspections and audits (National Labour Inspectorate, State Sanitary Inspection, State Fire Service)
  3. help in elaboration of rules for work organization
  4. preparation of documents: from the company’s policy to workplace regulations, and other
  5. training of subcontractors according to client’s requirements, throughout the world

For more information, please contact our office. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions